Responsible Practices


Designed and produced with integrity.

The impact we have — on people, the environment, our communities — is at the center of every choice we make. Our supply chain is not perfect, and we’re always striving to do better. Season over season we continue to seek betterment.


​​In the near future, we’ll be expanding to include services like mending and repairs, alterations, and garment exchanges, to name a few. ​​


Our pieces are designed to be loved for a lifetime. ​And while our offerings may grow, our practices will always reflect that.


We believe in confidence through simplicity—in style, form, method and materials. Utilizing natural fibers and time-tested methods of construction, we create refined pieces with clean lines and everlasting appeal. Each capsule collection is underscored by quality materials and construction. Designed in Kentucky. Made in America.


We employ time honored techniques that may take longer and require more effort—like french seams and bias bindings—not just because they look and feel nice, but because the result is long-lasting pieces you can return to year after year. We may not be a legacy house, but craftsmanship remains central. Hand touched technique, slowed down process. A return to thoughtful construction.


Our studio is located in Newport, Kentucky and we partner with local seamstresses and artisans for the production of our line. We are proud to highlight and support the artistry of our community. 

Producing locally means we are able to ensure that our partners are treated with integrity. Working conditions are good and everyone is paid a living wage — something we believe should be a basic practice of any business. It also shortens our supply chain meaning once we receive our fabric we know everyone who has touched your garment.


We believe the materials we choose is one of the biggest impacts we can have. We carefully select our textiles with quality, versatility, and impact in mind. We use natural fibers, deadstock, and recycled materials.

We are proud to partner with suppliers who share our values. More information on what we do use, don’t use, and why is on our materials page.


Sustainability—a term we’re reluctant to use because of its ambiguity and buzz word status.

Sustainability is more multifaceted than simply selecting low impact and natural fibers. Our responsible practices — materials policy, perennial design, localized production — are fundamental. The most sustainable item is one that’s already in your closet. By creating high quality, enduring pieces our products are designed for the now, to be cherished forever.

We believe a good practice is one that evolves. Through curiosity, innovation, and integrity we’ll continue to adapt.


Modern and perennial. Every piece is designed to create ease and confidence. All of our designs are wear tested for up to a year prior to production. It may take more time, but slowing down this process means we only produce pieces that are versatile, beautiful, and enduring. We make adjustments to the fit, construction, and fabrication to ensure these are items you’ll reach for day after day, year after year.


Our hang tags and printed material are made locally, a few blocks from our headquarters, by Otto Printing. One of the oldest printing shops in KY—a gem of a shop packed with old machines and run by amazing women.

Our boxes and tissue paper are made in the USA of recycled materials. Please reuse or recycle them when you receive your shipment.

Occasionally a poly bag is necessary to protect your garment. We use Tipa Compostable garment bags and pouches. They can be composted in your home bin. You can expect it to fully break down within 3-6 months.

For international shipments we are required to use plastic inserts for customs information. We are looking for a solution, but until we find one please remove the pouch before recycling.