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Is it possible to apply a transparent header pre-scroll on all pages? Currently it's only available on the home page.

Rich Text Block Title in Cirka

rich text small heading = sans serif all caps


Rich text blocks look good! A small tweak -- The small heading font is still smaller than the text body. Can it match the size of the body text here? The title may need to increase in size a tiny bit to maintain good proportions.

Is it possible to increase the max width of text above 50. Ideally with the option to match the width of the small heading.

Column Headings

Subheading Column 1.

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Change font size

Subheading Column 2. Can write longer format here.


To Match Rich Text Headings


Image Hero Heading is Perfect

Small headings on image hero - can we increase the size of the font and make it letter case?

Subheading on image hero - 'paragraph' = regular san serif font

Selecting a 'Heading' style changes the font and format in the subheading section.

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Accordian/Collapsable List: Heading to Cirka font

This is an example of a response that you might give. It's good to be as thorough as possible in responses as that has a tendency to improve trust overall.

Image with text

Image with text section

Use this section to showcase your editorial photography or images from your look book. This Section looks best with two or three sentences of text.